High efficiency SCRUBBING SYSTEMS for dust, fume and odour

  • Impingement plates for about 1 micron diameter upwards

  • Venturi systems for sub-micron size particulates

  • Packed towers for gas absorption


Custom designed PROCESS PLANT for industrial applications

Impingement plate scrubber for smoke containing dioxins.

Emission limit 1ng/Nm3

  • Aerospace

  • Animal feeds

  • Carbon capture

  • Carbon fibre

  • Chemicals

  • Cosmetics

  • Distilleries

  • Foundries

  • Graphene

  • Lime kilns

  • Maggot farms

  • Micro-electronics

  • Metal refining

  • Metal treatment

  • Research laboratories


High efficiency scrubbing

Animal feeds dryer exhaust gases. The 'Before' plant did not yet have the Davidson Clark scrubber/cooler fitted.  The 'After' plant shows the high efficiency of our plant.

Contaminants removed are particulates and oil droplets with an average size of 1.6 microns and carboxylic acids.


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