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High efficiency SCRUBBING SYSTEMS for dust, fume and odour

  • Impingement plates for about 1 micron diameter upwards

  • Venturi systems for sub-micron size particulates

  • Packed towers for gas absorption


Custom designed PROCESS PLANT for industrial applications

Impingement plate scrubber for smoke containing dioxins.

Emission limit 1ng/Nm3

  • Aerospace

  • Animal feeds

  • Carbon capture

  • Carbon fibre

  • Chemicals

  • Cosmetics

  • Distilleries

  • Foundries

  • Graphene

  • Lime kilns

  • Maggot farms

  • Micro-electronics

  • Metal refining

  • Metal treatment

  • Research laboratories


High efficiency scrubbing

Animal feeds dryer exhaust gases. The 'Before' plant did not yet have the Davidson Clark scrubber/cooler fitted.  The 'After' plant shows the high efficiency of our plant.

Contaminants removed are particulates and oil droplets with an average size of 1.6 microns and carboxylic acids.


About Us

A summary of our activities - over 25 years experience covering;


•  Design and supply of all types of gas cleaning systems including spray towers, packed towers, venturi, and plate scrubbers incorporating the patented Davidson Clark scrubbing plate which offers higher capacity and efficiency compared to other designs.


•  Recent applications include sodium and hydrogen cyanide, dryer exhaust gases, lead oxide, acid fumes, plasma cleaning exhaust gases, gas cooling, high-pressure saturation, peat smoke, ammonia, VOCs, phenoxy acids.

•  Design and supply of heat transfer systems.


•  Emission monitoring to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all gaseous contaminants and particulate monitoring.


•  In situ measurement of the particle size of smoke and fumes which is essential knowledge for the design of gas cleaning plant.


•  Infra-red thermal surveys to check plant operation efficiency


•  Pilot plant available for research/demonstration purposes

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